Monday, 18 April 2011

Kiss xx

I Went to …Kiss xx in Lichfield

We were driving through Lichfield and decided to pop into a bridal shop. Fantastic idea! I’m really glad I did! DSCF9764

We went to Kiss, a gorgeous bridal shop in Lichfield. We didn’t make an appointment but just popped in and the girl in the shop was really accommodating! 

By this point, we had already looked at quite a few dresses and had a really clear idea of what we wanted. Out of the really fantastic selection they had a the shop we picked out one dress and tried that one out.

The lady in the shop spent a lot of time with us and chatted about loads of things. She let me borrow some shoes for so that I could look in the mirror at almost the right height.

The dress I tried was completely beautiful and I really fell in love with it. They had a fantastic selection.

Well worth a visit!

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