Tuesday, 26 April 2011

I Have Bought My Dress!

Today I Bought My Wedding Dress

I still can’t believe it myself!

Mum and I returned to one of the previous dress shops we’d visited and tried on the two dresses I liked. I tried on the one I wasn’t that keen on, and I did look quite slim. It hid all my lumpy bumpy bits and it was pretty. My head started to sway slightly. I liked the organza and I liked the little flower embroidery. It was a light and floaty dress. It was nice.

Then I put on my favourite dress and that was it. It was beautiful and sparkly and floaty and the train is long but not too long. I thought I looked slim and tucked in and my lumpy bumpy bits were all hidden!

In an attempt to convince me that the first dress was better, the lady in the shop held the first dress up against my dress. And then she revealed my dress underneath it was like being bopped by the fairy god mother’s wand. I felt like a princess!

Even better, we had the benefit of a 20% discount so that my dress, plus a veil and hoop, came in under budget! Bonus!

I would love to share some photos of it with everyone but I will keep The Dress a closely guarded secret.

I have bought my wedding dress! Wow! It’s still sinking in!

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