Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Little Problems

What More Can Go Wrong?

It’s our invitations this time! mine

What happened is, we saw the invitations we liked roughly 2 years ago at a wedding fayre in the Himley House Hotel. I instantly fell for these cute, quirky, unique and simple invitations. They were perfect for our spring wedding. I had my heart set on them despite the lady who made them warning me that they little flowers that feature on the front may discontinue.

They discontinued.

It is entirely my fault for not ordering the invitations in time but I can’t help being disappointed. After watching the awful Bridezillas programme, I know a Bridezilla would march down to the people who make these little flowers and demand them to start making them for me. However, I am not a Bridezilla so this is not going to happen.

What’s going to happen instead is that the invitation making lady has made some suggestions for us, some alternatives and ways round it. I’m not going to get the invitations I have set my heart on, but we will have some wedding invitations. Who knows, we might even like these ones better!

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